The Cheeky Peach 2.0

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on The Cheeky Peach. OK, a long while – five years to be exact. I can explain.

I have missed it, and there were two little birdies who have been asking for a comeback. With a little nudge, here I am. If you haven’t noticed, The Cheeky Peach has gone through a bit of on upgrade with a new, gorgeous website and logo.

Now for the explanation. Truth be told, I have gotten away from using natural products for my entire routine. Back in 2009, I fully immersed myself into the natural lifestyle – not just food. From writing on TCP, I became so OCD that I would read kitchen hand soap ingredients at friends’ homes prior to washing. I urged friends to make a switch and I turned so many people onto natural products. Now, some of those friends utilize more natural beauty products than I currently use myself. I still incorporate natural and organic items into my regimen, but I’m a bit more practical this time around. If something doesn’t work, I need to find something that will (and that something might not be natural). I’m a professional in the corporate world, unmatched powder and stubby lashes just won’t cut it.

So with that, I’ve decided to expand the purpose of The Cheeky Peach. I’ve embraced another side of natural living that I’d like to share with you. Now, look not only for beauty reviews (still natural), but also for recipes, lifestyle choices, and restaurant write ups. I’m excited to share this part of life with you and I hope you’re eager to experience it with me as well.

Feels good to be home.


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