Sula Paint & Peel Polish

Do you often “pick” your nail polish even though it damages nails? Well, the following product claims that picking will not harm nails. In fact, peeling in encouraged.

Looking for a nail polish that takes the same amount of time to remove as it does to apply and dry? Sula creator Susanne Lang best describes her polish as “makeup for your nails.” Apply two thin layers and allow two minutes to dry – wait 30 minutes before removing. Bored with that color? Perfect, simply start peeling at one corner to remove the entire piece. Durable – if accompanied by Sula’s Top and Base Coat – and shiny, no one will see the difference between a chemical polish and this “3-Free” polish. (“3-Free” describes nail polish free of harmful chemicals found in many nail polishes – Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates.) Furthermore, find no nasty nail polish scent here.

Application tip: Nails tend to be a little dry after peeling off polish. Use a cuticle cream to moisturize nails after removing Paint & Peel., $10


*Products courtesy of Sula

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