Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm

As we leave summer behind and head into cooler weather, we will inevitably need a stronger moisturizer (among other seasonal product changes.) I have discovered a product so versatile, so fantastic.

Our neighbors to the north have tapped into something truly spectacular: USDA Certified Organic versatile products. The Canadian creators of Revolution Organics reveal the meaning of eco-chic simplicity with the All-Over Body Balm. This multi-tasking wonder has 22 suggested uses. Organic cocoa butter acts as an antioxidant and penetrates nutrients deeply into skin while organic coconut oil fights aging and prevents free-radical buildup. Convenient stick packaging – like a large lip balm – allows for quick and easy application. Moisturize rough elbows, cracked heels or lips, tame flyaways or unkempt brows, increase circulation, and that’s only the beginning. Be creative with this stick, and don’t leave home without it., $22

Have you used this product? Tell me about it!

*Product courtesy of Revolution Organics.


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    hey cheeky peach,

    i have this balm in my purse right now; carry it everywhere and love it! samantha gave it to me. it was part of a package of samples she got back in the day with the first issue of organic beauty. she gave me some of the stuff that she knew she wouldn’t use and this was one of them. i don’t think i’ve quite hit all 22 uses yet, but i do use it for everything. it’s alleviated dry skin on the tops of my hands, my fingers, cuticles, my elbows, toes, lips, and spots on my face as well as smoothed out frizzy flyaways. i’ve even quelled angry itches with it (though haven’t tried it on bug bites yet). it’s awesome for travel, too, especially flights with the dry and yucky air. the citrusy/lemongrass scent is soothing and welcoming. the best part is the convenience of it being in a stick so it’s easier to carry and rub everywhere. no spills are an excellent plus.

    i am going to be really sad the day i finish it and have to shell out the $28 buckaroos to buy a replacement. but, it’s totally worth it. you can bet i’ll be scraping every last bit out of the cylinder!

    bliss spa has a similar multi-purpose stick balm, but it’s not organic. it’s $18 as opposed to $28, but it doesn’t smell as nice.

    happy hump day! :)


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    i’ll be happy to fill in for you anyday:) this is one product i can stand behind 100%.

    right after i sent you the first email i had to take the stick out to put some on… good advertising!

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