Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who does not wear perfume has no future.” Possibly one of the most overused quotes; however, Ms. Chanel had a point. Women should smell clean and feminine. As an avid perfume lover, I have searched for the best natural scents. Enjoy and apply often.

With four perfume categories – florals, fruits, herbs and spices, and woods and resins – Pacifica is sure to please any nose. Find the fresh fragrances in a solid state, which are excellent for travel. Pacifica uses organic coconut and soy wax with natural and essential oils. The light and soothing fragrances never overwhelm and always please. Freely layer fragrance on skin or clothing. For an added punch of perfume, use in hair as a wax. Best scent: Hawaiian Ruby Guava, $9

For a more sophisticated fragrance line, look to Lavanila. The Lavanila founders packed six perfumes with essential oils, active botanicals, and antioxidants. An enchanting aroma with nourishing qualities? Sold. The intoxicating vanilla-based scents are sweet and alluring – exquisite for day or night. Crisp and unique, the scents remain light and never smell synthetic. Best scent: Vanilla Grapefruit, $58

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