Guest Blog: My Journey with Essential Oils

I’ve been describing The Cheeky Peach as a little bit fancy and a little bit hippie. So you must be wondering when the patchouli-esque hippie might make an appearance. Wait no more, my friends.

Around 2002, I dabbled in essential oils, breathing in diffused mixtures to cure numerous sinus infections. It was definitely an experience. Over the years, essential oils have become a bit more mainstream – just scroll through your Pinterest feed, you’ll see at least one post about their natural benefits. Since I’ve only dabbled and am certainly not an expert, I’m pulling in a guest blogger and good friend, Krystle McLaughlin, to share her insights and creations with you. Krystle also sells essential oils through a company. I want to be completely upfront with you, in no way will I benefit from any sale and in no way will I or she push you to purchase. We’re simply here to spell out the facts.

One final note, Krystle will make monthly appearances on The Cheeky Peach to discuss her latest essential oil concoctions, what works, and what doesn’t. Enjoy. :)

My Journey with Essential Oils

Much like my dear friend Julianna, my interest in health and natural products began just after high school and has continued to grow through the years. I want to live a simpler, yet fuller life.

I’ve discussed natural living with two of my cousins for almost a decade now – we’ve  bounced ideas off one another while catching up. For the past year, essential oils have come up consistently, and seemingly more frequently, piquing my desire to learn more about their benefits.

My cousins use oils topically, internally, and diffused for everything from cleaning products and skin care, to aiding in mental and physical healing. Fortunately, they even experimented with different brands, removing much of the guess work for me – you want the most pure and natural oil available, your body notices any additives or diluted mixtures.  For that reason, they only use Young Living Essential Oils and recommended I get begin my essential oil journey by ordering a starter kit containing all basic oils and a few oil blends, along with a diffuser.

Soon after my kit arrived, I found myself making household cleaning products, bug spray, sunscreen, lotion, healing ointment (similar to Neosporin), and deodorant. I also enjoy diffusing the oils day and night for improved mood, alertness, focus, and sleep. I’ve been using oils to improve my thyroid function and have created blends to help my neighbor’s children fall asleep and stay asleep, as well as help with psoriasis and teething for my baby boy. I’ve also created an entire skin/haircare regime utilizing the oils and all-natural products.


If you’re interested, order your Young Living Starter Kit, automatically become a member of Young Living, and continue to order additional oils at a member rate. Also, enter my reference information: sponsor and enroller ID 2784997. I look forward to sharing my recipes with you on The Cheeky Peach.

For additional questions, please leave comments on this page. I’d love to chat with you!

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