A few months ago, I started researching organic and natural products. This has become a bit of a hobby and would love to share my finds with you. If you would like more information about an organic, natural lifestyle, please let me know. I would love to answer any questions you have.

I decided to write a weekly blog recommending natural beauty items that I currently use or have used. I had been suggesting the same products to many friends on a regular basis. Realizing my strong interest in natural beauty and a growing interest in friends’, I thought this would be a great way to thoroughly explain my picks. I am not selling any products and certainly do not have a contract with any retailer.

I won’t scare you into natural beauty – so don’t throw out every product you own. Rather, research and familiarize yourself with pure products that have short ingredient lists! Suki offers a great list of ingredients to avoid. Using that list along with, determine which items are more toxic or hazardous. Discard any high-rated product and finish any remaining items. A natural lifestyle also requires awareness of environmental waste – and wallet waste. I have found that many of these products are so wonderful and so pure that I don’t require as many – i.e. hair products. In some sense, natural beauty is less expensive.

100% Pure Organic Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Cream
Who doesn’t want an antioxidant facial cream? With evidence detailing the power of acai berry, the 100% Pure Organic Acai Berry Antioxidant Facial Cream takes first as my new favorite facial moisturizer. Noncomedogenic and light, this cream creates a long-lasting, fresh-faced feel. The lotion works well for all skin types and never creates shine. Plus, it smells good enough to eat. Application tip: pat on damp skin to lock in moisture., $36

Noodle & Boo Glowology Lovely Body Lotion
A soothing moisturizer with a soft scent of coconut, Noodle & Boo Glowology Lovely Body Lotion quenches thirsty skin. A quickly evaporating formula allows for immediate action. Application tip: apply more than one layer to create a stronger barrier against free radicals., $17

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