Kitchen Beauty

I’ve decided to write about products found in the kitchen. In many cases, the following items act as excellent substitutes and often surpass anything from a drugstore. Another advantage, you probably own most of these items – no extra purchase necessary! Enjoy, and go raid your cabinets!

Kitchen Beauty

Virgin Coconut Oil
Personally known as the multifaceted moisturizer, Virgin Coconut Oil is a hair conditioner, face lotion, and body moisturizer. The pure coconut scent intoxicates while the natural oil seeps into skin and hair. If using as a conditioner, know that coconut oil tends to weigh down hair – a small amount should suffice. Rinse completely and follow with a light shampoo if necessary. As a body moisturizer, coconut oil is best for legs. Quickly penetrating skin and giving legs a sexy glow, the oil is a choice accessory for short skirts.

Olive Oil
Good fats do wonders for skin – soothing, healing and protecting. Aside from cooking with olive oil, add olive oil to your beauty routine. Nourish skin nightly: Use a cotton ball to apply a thin layer to face and neck, avoiding eyelids. Dry lips? Spread oil over mouth and admire the radiant luster

More kitchen beauty to come!

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