Kitchen Beauty 3

Kitchen Beauty makes its third appearance with some invigorating techniques. Enjoy and tell me how your skin feels!

Epsom Salt
What is more luxurious than a relaxing bath? Why, a relaxing bath with detoxing salts, which leave skin smooth and refreshed. Epsom Salt is composed of magnesium and sulfate, which ease stress and flush toxins. Magnesium also regulates enzyme activity – improved digestion! Add 4 cups of Epsom Salt and 2 cups of baking soda to a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes and rinse. Feel rejuvenated and enjoy skin’s new gleam. Bonus: Epsom Salt doubles as a body exfoliant., $8.39

The original facial scrub, a washcloth is a simple and effective way to exfoliate. Wet face with warm water – too hot or cold water can break capillaries. Gently scrub face in a circular motion, concentrating on oily areas. Do not irritate skin by severely scrubbing for too long. Rinse and calm skin with a splash of cool water.

Application tip: Use a fresh cloth daily, as a used cloth is prone to mildew and bacteria.

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