Hard as Nails

I have always had a strong love for nail polish. I discontinued using it about seven months ago and began researching the best natural products to create an impeccable finish. Acquarella first caught my eye for their low score on cosmeticdatabse.com – 0 and 1. Nail polishes consist of three ingredients and color nails without toxic FD&C colorants. I was immediately intrigued, as polished nails elevate wardrobe and increase femininity. I purchased one polish, polish remover, conditioner, and received a bonus nail buffer kit.

Acquarella Nail Polish
Produce the perfect pedicure with Acquarella Nail Polish. With proper preparation, color lasts at least three weeks with great color and shine. Hassle free – no top or bottom coat – and fragrance free, the polishes dry in less than 10 minutes. For a flawless set, apply before bed to allow polish to settle. Nail polish lasts flawlessly on finger nails for about two days. Soap and lotion strip away thin layers, removing color and shine. However, the polish is stunning for a special occasion and comes in 20 brilliant colors. Color lasts longer and remains stronger when application directions are followed. Total time: 15 minutes. Application tip: use three coats for a deeper color.
acquarellapolish.com, $16

Acquarella Conditioner
Ideal for dry or brittle nails, Acquarella Conditioner applies like any nail polish and creates an ultra chic sheen. Prepare nails and apply two thin coats. Conditioner dries quickly, making it incredibly easy to use anywhere and anytime. Depending on soap and lotion use, the conditioner lasts about three days.
acquarellapolish.com, $16

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