Face Lotion

This week, I am reviewing two face lotions. One with sun cream and one without. I wear both quite often – they are fantastic.

Kimberly Sayer Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream-SPF 30
Skin is the body’s largest organ, which is why a daily sun cream should be a beauty conscious woman’s top priority. The dermis needs protection from the sun; it also needs hydration. Kimberly Sayer masterfully combines the two greatest beauty concerns into one phenomenal product. The Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream-SPF 30 protects skin without feeling greasy – a common problem with many SPF moisturizers. Nontoxic Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide act as natural sun block, while Beech Bud Extract heals damaged cells. The overall anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formula promises the best and thoroughly delivers. Skin looks bright and smooth. Application tip: A small dab will cover entire face.
kimberlysayer.com, $35.92

Suki Balancing Day Lotion
Good day lotions are hard to find. Either greasy, heavy or sticky, moisturizers should avoid certain descriptions. Successfully avoiding the negative list is Suki Balancing Day Lotion. Suki’s weightless formula is extremely nourishing and soothing, evening skin tone and offering a healthy glow. White Willow Bark Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm skin. Ingredients of Organic Comfrey Extract and Organic Rose Extract heal and provide antioxidants. The lotion proves true to its name, skin feels balanced and results show quickly. Test this lotion before purchasing if particularly sensitive to smells. It has a strong scent, which is hard to place. Application tip: Two pumps will cover entire face.
sukipure.com, $35.95


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