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Do you remember when you would thickly outline a character in a coloring book with crayons and then lightly color the entire object? Thus creating a lovely picture with contrasting shades and points of interest. That is exactly what eyeliner does for your face. It highlights one of your most beautiful features – your eyes.

Eyeliner dates back to the Egyptians who wore it to protect their eyes from the desert sun. Now, we use the liner to define our eyes, giving them sexy silhouettes and contours. Pencil liners have an amazing versatility that liquid liners lack. Pencils have the ability to line inner rims – especially on the lower lid. They can create a smoky eye, double as a shadow, and fill the spaces between lashes. Remember: carefully apply eyeliner, never pulling skin taut. Most important, have fun with eyeliner. I have compared two black pencil liners to see which performed best.

Gabriel Eyeliner
Long lasting and creamy, Gabriel Eyeliner is a softer black – appearing dark charcoal. Easily create a classic smoky eye or blend the liner with eye shadows. With only ten ingredients, this eyeliner safely enhances features.
gabrielcosmeticsinc.com, $12

Physicans Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Eyeliner
Although not entirely lasting on the inner lower lid, the velvety application proves worthy of touch ups. The sultry, deep black eyeliner emphasizes lids and offers natural definition. Organic wear Eyeliner includes Organic Jojoba Seed oil to moisturize skin and organic Beeswax, which provides the silky consistency.
Organicwearmakeup.com, $7.95

Update: This item has been discontinued.


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