The Cheeky Peach is a natural and organic beauty and lifestyle website, specifically for the glamorous and chic. A little bit fancy, a little bit hippie, if you will. Find reviews, commentary, and anecdotes about beauty products, DIY cosmetics and treatments, recipes, food reviews, cleanses, and more.

About the author:
Julianna Jacobson is a Washington, DC-based marketing and comms professional and wellness lover. Early in life, Julianna discovered that she had a gluten intolerance (way before it was cool) and her love of natural living spiraled from there.

In middle school, she became aware of cancer-causing ingredients in beauty products (can we say Sodium Laurel Sulfate?) and tucked that piece of information away for quite some time. After finding EWG’s Skin Deep, she became fascinated by ingredients lists and learning about each chemical. After researching most of her personal care items on the site, she realized she had to make a change. Thus, The Cheeky Peach was born.

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